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Ova Skin Care Collaborating with a premier cosmetic laboratory having 20 years experience in the industry, Dr. Sam Lam, the creator of ova, wanted a single, easy-to-use product that could truly match the level of rejuvenation that he provides below the skin with his surgical techniques.


Understanding the role that stem cells play in rejuvenating the skin through his work with fat transfer, as fat carries a rich supply of stem cells transferred to the face, Dr. Lam wanted to offer that same degree of enhancement directly to the skin surface itself as part of a global strategy for facial rejuvenation.  Using natural, concentrated, plant-derived stem cells that have undergone rigorous scientific testing and validation, Dr. Lam believes this product provides a more profound level of skin rejuvenation than any other product on the market today. 

Swiss Apple stem cells are used in the Clean formulation, providing natural and safe rejuvenation for all facial skin types. Even the cleanser employs potent Swiss Apple stem cells in its formulation. Beyond stem cells, Dr. Lam spared no expense to create the most sophisticated formulations that can support skin health and rejuvenation, delivered in a single, integrated morning product and a similar evening one. He is confident that this will be the best product that you have ever used for your skin. 

​After many years of looking and trying to find a skin care product that really gave results, Dr. Lam’s passion drove him to create a skin care line that met all of his stringent criteria, including ease of use and simplicity, universal application for men and women, and stunning results that could not be achieved with currently available products on the market.


Dr. Lam was never able to find a product that he felt he could recommend to his patients but knew that one was much needed.  His research for new technology led him to a very well-respected laboratory with 21 years

experience where he was able to work very closely with a top scientist and biochemist that had new proven technology using plant stem cells. Putting aside cost restraints as an object, his pursuit to have the best product to offer his patients began in earnest. Understanding how technology of stem cells work with facial fat grafting, Dr. Lam wanted to be able to achieve similar results in a topical cream and centered his research efforts around this idea.


He wanted a single product that could be easily used for men and women in the morning and one at night. He found that having multiple products in the morning and evening were tiresome, confusing, time-consuming, and expensive. As a man, he knew there was a simpler solution and he was determined to find it. After two years of research and development, OVA was born. 


Dr. Lam was 100% hands on in creating OVA Skin Care from choosing the colors, creating the logo and the name, all the way to the finished design of each product including the bottles and the boxes, with every detail under his watchful eye. Dr. Lam wanted to share these benefits with not only his patients but with others around the world who have always had a quest for products that are results-based and are exceedingly simple to use. He is proud to finally introduce OVA, a rebirth of your skin at a cellular level.

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