*Full-strength BriteNow can only be purchased on site at Lam Facial Plastics. As a reminder, the freshness and effectiveness of BriteNow can only be guaranteed for 60 days from receipt of the product and should be used within that timeframe. Using it twice daily as recommended, you should complete the course of BriteNow in one month. It is advisable to buy only one at a time to be used to ensure optimal results, and please avoid excessive sun exposure during course of therapy. No more than a 4-month course of continuous use is recommended.

BriteNow brighens the skin promoting an even skin tone while calming and soothing the skin.


  • Cleanse your skin.

  • Use the pad to apply the formula to your face, neck, and /or chest. This may be used wherever you see dark spots. If there is any moisture remaining in the pad, you may also use this on your hands if your have dark spots on them as well. 

  • Apply moisturizer 

  • Apply sunscreen

  • Apply makeup/foundation if desired.