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Samuel M. Lam

M. D., F.A.C.S.


Dr. Sam Lam is a triple board-certified facial plastic surgeon who is world renowned for his pioneering work in facial rejuvenation and hair restoration. Dr. Lam is the author of 5 major medical textbooks and over 150 scientific articles and book chapters pertaining to the face and facial rejuvenation. He lectures nationally and internationally on his techniques for facial rejuvenation throughout the year;and he runs a 27,000 square-foot wellness center in Plano, Texas, a suburb on the north side of Dallas, Texas.

The author of Complementary Fat Grafting, Dr. Lam has led the revolution of non-incisional facial rejuvenation from the inside out that is both natural and enduring. Because fat grafting provides very rich stores of stem cells for the face, Dr. Lam started to investigate the properties of natural plant-derived stem cells for the outer skin surface as a complement to his rejuvenative surgical work. Collaborating with a 55,000 square-foot laboratory having a 20-year history in the cosmetic skin-care industry, he developed the ova skin care line to provide technological breakthroughs in skin care that are not currently available on the market.

​As an artist, Dr. Lam also devised the name of the product ova, plural in Latin for egg, to indicate the origin and rebirth that the skin undergoes every time you use it. Also, ova is an acronym for three benefits that this product offers: Opulence (skin shine and luster), Vitality (skin health), and Agelessness (a youthful countenance). As a gentleman, he realized the cumbersome nature of current products on the market that require several steps in the morning and several steps at night, which he believed to be both superfluous and tiresome.


Dr. Lam also designed the logo, the concept, the packaging, the bottle, the box, the bag, the Web site, brochures, folders, business cards and every graphic element related to the ova skin care line. As a disciple of the design philosophy of Dieter Rams from Braun and Jony Ive from Apple, he espouses a “less is more philosophy” and that the aesthetic value of the product is integral to the meaning of the product itself.

​After having tried almost every major product line over the past decade, Dr. Lam believes that ova provides the most advanced, scientifically investigated and substantiated product on the market for skin rejuvenation. Within days of using the product, he noticed in his skin a level of rejuvenation with the current and final formulation that he had never witnessed before with any of the products he ever tried and is confident that you will see that immediate effect in your skin.


Dr. Lam is proud to present the ova skin care line, an outcome of years of investigation and work that has resulted in the finest product on the market for skin enhancement, health, and rejuvenation.

"I developed OVA as a skincare therapy with the most advanced plant-derived stem cell technology for optimal rejuvenation of your skin. I wanted the best, single product for ease of application and concentrated delivery of extensively investigated & scientifically proven ingredients to regain the health and glow of youthful skin. I am confident that OVA will be the best product you have ever used."

                                                            Samuel Lam, MD

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